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Wall Maps

Use these two maps to get oriented with where walls are. The Google map (first) gives a general idea of areas, while the OSM map shows the names of the walls zooming in on wall features.

Topo Images

Climbers throughout the two decades of climbing have left hand-drawn topos of their routes. If you have opened a route, and you want it registered for others to see and climb, send your topo to

FAQ: Where can I get topos and route info?

  • Here. Areas are listed below starting with La Junta (center) and the walls surrounding in a clockwise manner as seen from above. Click an area to see its topos.
  • Routes within each area are organized as seen from the ground in a left-to-right manner.
  • The link will take you to Refugio Cochamó’s Topo Collection.
  • Save topos to your phone. Remember to bring a portable solar panel to charge your device since there is no place to charge in La Junta or upper valleys.
  • A selection of printed topos are kept in a PVC tube labeled “Topos” at the first bivy of Trinidad and another an the main bivy of Anfiteatro. These topos depend on the care and organization of each climber that uses these.
  • If you decide to print your own, and once your are leaving, please recycle your topos by leaving them with the rangers at the Centro de Visitantes stationed at the valley’s trailhead.
  • Topos are NOT kept at the Refugio Cochamó nor Camping La Junta.

Arco Iris

Click to see Arco Iris’s topos.

Valle La Junta

Click to see Valle La Junta’s topos.


Click to see Paloma’s topos.


Click to see Trinidad’s topos.

Valle de la Bestia

Click to see Valle de la Bestia’s topos.


Click to see Anfiteatro’s topos.


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*This section is under construction. Bare this us as we get this fully up and working.Wall...

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