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Trekking / hikking in Cochamó, Chile.

map: Cochamó Valley

Cochamó Valley Trail: Trailhead to Camping La Junta

More than a 150 years ago the first gauchos helped carve this trail to bring their cattle from the Argentine farm lands...

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A still-image tour of Cochamó's hikes

Climbing in Cochamó, Chile.


Drew Smith’s Cochamó Photo Collection

Apart from taking amazing photos in Cochamó and many other parts of the world, Drew spent over...

Las Manos del Día

During January 2014 Oliver Zintz and his partners climbed the route Las Manos del Día on Cerro Trinidad in Cochamo Valley, Chile....

Camping in Cochamó, Chile.

Lodging in Cochamó, Chile.

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map: Cochamó Valley

What is Cochamó?

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What is Cochamó?

Most visitors come to Cochamó to see and experience Cochamó Valley, or Valle...

Upper Granite Valleys

Over the past few years, an increasing number of people camping in the upper portions of Anfiteatro, Trinidad, Paloma and Arco Iris has had dramatic impacts on the fragile ecosystems

Investigación Identifica Población de Huemules en Cochamó

Study finds huemules, an endangered Andean deer, in the Cochamó area. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the species’ original global population is estimated to have suffered reductions of 99 per cent in size

Empresario Articula Bajada de la ZOIT del Valle Cochamó

Roberto Hagemann y Ignacio Muñoz enviaron una carta a la Directora Regional de Sernatur pidiendo que se excluyan del polígono de la ZOIT todas sus propiedades y el Fundo Pucheguín, lo que seria Trinidad, Anfiteatro y otro destinos turísticos.

Coming to Bat for Cochamó

It won't be long before people speak of it (Cochamó) in the same breath as places like Torres del Paine and Patagonian national parks.