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Chaitén – Horno Piren – Cochamó

Via ferries, estuaries and islands

This adventurous and beautiful route is a great option for getting to or continuing on from Cochamó Valley. During this stretch of the Carretera Austral there are multiple parks: Parque Pumalin y el Parque Nacional Hornopirén.

Description from South to North

Between Chaitén and Caleta Gonzalo, a 60-kilometer paved road connects the two passing through the northern part of Parque Pumalín.

One of the two ferries connects Caleta Gonzalo and Caleta Fiordo. This shorter ferry rid takes 45 minutes crossing the Fiordo Reñihue.

The red line shows the two stages for the one ferry ticket that connects Chaitén and Horno Piren.

Between Caleta Fiordo Largo and Leptepu, follow 10 kilometers of gravel road to connect the two ferry ports.

The ferry trip between Hornopirén and Leptepu travels 33 nautic miles and takes approximately 4 hours. Tall mountains, rocky coasts, lush forests and major river outlets flank the Fiordo Comau.

By Private Vehicle

Chaitén – Horno Piren – Cochamó

First, it’s very important to reserv your spot, and with plenty of anticipation December through March.

The logístics driving your own car is simple: reserve and follow the Camino Austral. Your reservation on the ferry is valid for the two ferries (Hornopirén – Leptepu y Fiordo Largo – Caleta Gonzalo).

By Public Transportation

If you decide to go via buses and ferries, connecting the necessary buses may take at least two days to travel between Cochamó and Chaitén.

Chaitén – Horno Piren – Caleta Puelche

To see the bus schedule, go to the bus company’s website, Kemel Bus. They offer one bus daily between Chaitén and Caleta Puelche, plus a few options between Horno Piren and Caleta Puelche.

Caleta Puelche – Puelo

Horario de la temporada 2018-2019

Puelo – Cochamó

For the latest schedule between Río Puelo and Cochamó take a look at the by Bus: Puerto Montt/Varas – Cochamó page.

Getting to Cochamó via air, bus, vehicle & ferry

Visual orientation of Cochamó


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Planning your Cochamó trip

by car: Driving Via Your Own or Rented Vehicle

There's nothing like the freedom of driving yourself to Cochamó. A few more options also present themselves, but a few things you should know, too.

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