About Us

Cochamo.com is dedicated to giving Cochamó's visitors informed, educated and environmentally sound choices to achieve their hikes, climbing routes, find accommodations, get responsible guides and more. This site does NOT receive payments nor commissions for its content nor recommendations.

Who We Are

Silvina Verdún, Daniel Seeliger, their son Zen and a number of good friends who have come and stayed during their 20 years in the valley to form the beautiful community of Refugio Cochamó and Camping La Junta. This incredible team of people that includes nature lovers, climbers, hikers, guides, Chilean guachos, carpenters, cooks, gardeners, environmentalists, etc. help and have helped tirelessly in many ways, such as putting together this website.

The Future of the Valley

We have had many late-night conversations among-st us, locals and guests about the valley and the direction its heading. Smaller details sometimes varied in opinion, but our shared vision has always been and continues to be that Cochamó Valley and its surrounding are a place to share for all, but at the same time acknowledging our impact, and the continuous search to find the best balance to minimize our footprint for those living in, working at or just visiting the Cochamó Valley.

How to contibute to a better future for the valley

We are proud supporters of the following groups, who have contributed much to Cochamó Valley, helping its neighbors, locals who work there, confronting environmental issues and a improving the visitor's experience:

Want to help the valley? Please make a contribution to one of these organizations.

Un poco más del equipo

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