Bus to Cochamó

Puerto Montt / Puerto Varas ↔ Cochamó

Sometimes having updated schedules between Puerto Montt / Puerto Varas and Cochamó is not easy. The companies that operate this route change their schedules very frequently.

The images below are the schedules published by each 2020 bus company. To see the latest schedules for these two bus companies, click on the image to see their Facebook page.

bus to Cochamó
Buses Trans HAR

From Puerto Montt there are generally four daily services to the town of Cochamó and the Cochamó River bridge. During high season there are usually more services. The trip takes between 2½ and 3½ hours.

To Cochamó Valley's Trailhead

There are options during the high season of buses that drop you off at the Cochamó Valley trailhead.

* Please note that some buses leave too late to arrive at the entrance time to the trail. The trailhead closes at 3:00 p.m. and after this time it is not accessible until the next day. Please do not insist.

Catching the bus in Puerto Varas

If you want to catch the bus in Puerto Varas, be aware that it does NOT stop at the bus station. It stops on a downtown street. Check with the locals where.

If the bus in full when departing from Puerto Montt, it will NOT stop in Puerto Varas. This happens frequently during high season. It is advisable, therefore, to take the bus directly from Puerto Montt during the busiest times.

Caleta, Puelche

This bus schedule is from 2018-2019.

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