Horse Trips with Southern Trips

This trip offered by the family-run Southern Trips allows an immersion in the majestic Cochamó Valley and the local culture accompanied with a splendid all-included service, and at the same time treating well the horeses and respecting the environment. They offer trips that allow interaction with the descendants of native families of the area that are not possible to visit except by horse or foot.

Favian and Tatiana Sandoval, both born and raised in Cochamó, have earned a reputation as the best guides in the area. Favian has been working as a horseback riding guide since 2000 and Tatiana joined the family business in 2004.

Favian and Tatiana's parents, Doña Nana and Don Peyuco, and their nephew Mati, also form a fundamental part of Southern Trips. The love of this family for their place of origin makes their main objective to share, and above all, to protect the natural beauties of Cochamó. Their knowledge of the forest and the mountains, their interest in maintaining the cultural legacy and their professionalism make a good mix to have an unforgettable trip.

The Trips

The following are some of their most common trips. All can be modified and fit to your particular needs.


3 days / 2 nights in the Refugio Cochamó
CLP$297,000 p/ person
4 days / 3 nights in the Refugio Cochamó
CLP$380,000 p/ person

Incluye todas las comidas, caballos, guías, caminatas guiadas, equipo y hospedaje.

Demand: physically low to moderate.

An opportunity to discover the beautiful area of La Junta - Valley, with its granite valleys, crystalline waters, waterfalls, birdsong and ancient forest.

Chile - Argentina

5 days / 4 nights
CLP$580,000 p/ person

Includes all meals, horses, guides, trekking, equipment and lodging.

Demand: physically moderate.

During your stay in South America, cross the border the original way, on horseback. This trip goes from Argentina to the sea or vice versa. Live an adventure and discover the native forest of the lakes region and the beauty of its nature. A packhorse will carry your bags to your destination, you will have only one concern: to have a good time. Five days following in the footsteps of the guachos who have been using this route for more than 150 years. Chile-Argentina, a fantastic crusade joining two important South American countries.

Big Trip Loop

11 days / 10 nights
CLP$1,070,000 p/ person for groups of 1 to 3 people
CLP$990,000 p/ person for 4 to 6 people

Includes all meals, horses, guides, trekking, equipment and lodging.

Demand: You should be in good physical shape and prepared to spend many days in the mountains.

This circuit through the Cochamó and Puelo valleys and across Lake Vidal is designed for nature lovers who are willing to spend full days on horseback and immerse themselves in the most rural and remote areas accessible by horseback. With an intense experience of the Valdivian Forest and incredible views this program can be fascinating for the right traveler.

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