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In Cochamó

In the Cochamó Valley and its surroundings there is an objective risk derived from low temperatures, rapidly changing climate, wind, snowfall, storms, fog, lightning, difficulties in obtaining water, impossibility of obtaining food, falling stones, snow avalanches, etc. In addition, and as a direct consequence of this, in many mountains, there are no permanent human settlements, which ends up multiplying the risk. In the face of any problem, help does not arrive, it arrives late, with fewer means, it is highly difficult to transfer any sick or injured person, and in itself the task of requesting help is extremely complicated and of uncertain outcome.

In addition, when one goes to the Cochamó Valley, even if it is through the simplest of trails, there is naturally and inevitably the risk. When you decide to participate in an excursion, ascent, trek or climb in the mountain, you must first decide whether to take that risk or not.

As each one has absolute freedom to make this decision, naturally if he finally decides to participate, he assumes that risk for himself, with full awareness that not only will he be exposed to damage derived from this dangerous environment, but the damage will be produced by any foreign aid that may be possible. receiving will be of little value. When participating in a mountain excursion, it is assumed that all the mentioned objective risks will enhance the consequences of any human decision or action, no matter how insignificant it may be.

Assuming that risk means in practice that claims of any kind will be waived against fellow excursionists or those who lead the excursion for damages suffered that are not intentional or derived from gross negligence. Taking this risk implies fully understanding that the guide, instructor, colleagues, volunteers or others cannot guarantee health and physical integrity.

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