trekking in Cochamó Valley Chile

The basics

Hiking in Cochamó Valley

Care for Cochamó's trekking and nature
You will witness some the best wonders of nature: 1000-meter granite walls, ancient forests, waterfalls.... It is your responsibility to care of it and take measures to minimize your impact.
Experience trekking in Cochamó Valley
This is not an area for visitors without trekking and mountaineering experience. This area is very isolated and there is no rescue service or medical assistance.
trekking hear Cochamó
Be well prepared. For visiting Cochamó Valley, you should protect your body against the cold and humidity, bring enough food and water, have a headlamp with spare batteries, ... just to name a few, especially for the unexpected. Check out Personal Equipment.
Reserve your place, already be in good physical condition for long hikes, go up prepared, go down leaving nothing behind and expect rain. Our best mountain experiences occur only after we return safely.
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