What to know before you go

What To Expect

✔ Know if this destination is for you.

Entre la larga caminata, mucha lluvia, barro, pozos, senderos que no están señalizados ni mantenidos, falta de venta de comida y otros servicios, hay los que se dan cuenta que conocer el Valle Cochamó no es para ellos ni ellas. Con buena preparación previa leyendo y consultando, ojalá que se realizan antes de ir.

Lots of mud, puddles, rain, lost... Trail is not well marked. We got lost. We never made it to the Junta. We were not prepared. A nightmare.

Anonymous. Message written in the comment book at the Visitor Center.

Read in detail the information provided here about logistics, rules, trails, activities, precautions and dangers in the Cochamó Valley. 

✓ Previous trekking experience is essential.

This valley is laden with hazardous obstacles. Each season there are serious injuries mostly due to the lack of experience hiking and multi-night backpacking.

Trekking preparations
Not like this!

✓ There are no emergency, medical or rescue services.

Each visitor is responsible for his or her safety. There is no rescue team nor emergency personnel available. The closest hospital is in Puerto Varas. Serious injuries can result in death given the difficulty and time required to evacuate.

✓ There is no communication nor cell phone coverage.

Let others know where you'll be before arriving. Once there you will not be able to communicate with the outside world.

✔ Expect rain and mud, and be well prepared for a mountainous environment.

3000 mm of rain fall in this rainforest every year. Be prepared. During highseason you will not be able to change your reservation, or get a refund unless the trail is officially closed.

Information About The Trail & Valley

If you are staying overnight, you must have a confirmed reservation to access the trail. From December to mid-March, especially in January and February, the campsites in the La Junta sector are at maximum capacity. You will not be allowed to access the trail without a previously confirmed reservation.

If you go for the day to La Junta and Toboganes, you must start before 10 am. The trail is very long and difficult. Be in very good shape for hiking, previous mountain experience, food, headlamp,

The trail closes at 3 p.m. You will not be able to start your hike if you arrive at the Visitor Center after 3pm. Even if you have a confirmed reservation at a campsite you will have to wait until the next day to go up.

The trail is not public. The entire trail that leads to Paso León, as well as the accesses to the popular trails in the La Junta sector, crosses private properties. In order to be able to visit, enjoy it, keep the accesses free and maintain a good relationship with the owners, it is necessary to act responsibly and respectfully. You must stay on the trail, camp only in the authorized campsites, close the gates as you pass and hike out everything you take in.

The max capacity of the Cochamó Valley is the capacity of the campgrounds. Together with the Visitor Center, Organización Valle Cochamó, land owners, local tourism, local community and other organizations work to consolidate the valley as a collaborative protected area, conserve its biodiversity and local culture, and support responsible, sustainable and sustainable tourism over time.

Basic Steps To Take Before You Go

Below are some suggestions to help organize your trip.

1. Go prepared.

Be well informed. Take the adequate equipment.

Personal Equipment


2. Make a reservation at a camping or lodging in La Junta.

It is recommended to make a reservation well in advance. It is necessary to have a confirmed reservation to visit the valley. In high season the campsites easily reach their maximum capacity. Make a reservation in the valley before your plane or bus ticket. The valley fills up faster than public transportation.

3. Reserva a horse or guide (optional).

If you wish to reserve a horse to go up or for your gear, it is necessary to have a confirmed reservation at the campsite before making this request. If you wish to hire a guiding service, check with your guide if you he or she will reserve for you. 

4. If you arrive by air or bus...

... to Puerto Montt / Puerto Varas, please do NOT try to arrive to La Junta on the same day. Such an endeavor needs tremendous coordination and luck. And due to the fact that most do not make it, Camping La Junta does not allow requesting a reservation to attempt such an itinerary. It leads to a chain of unfortunate situations with reservations, horse guides, ground transportation and park rangers at the Visitor Center. Please take this into consideration and stay in Cochamó before going to La Junta.

5. Reserve your transportation after confirming a reservation in La Junta.

You must book in the valley before your plane or bus ticket. The valley fills up faster than the transports.

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