Looking for free camping?

The Cochamó Valley receives more than 16,000 visitors. By 2015, the La Junta sector exceeded its capacity on a daily basis. There were no requirements to enter the valley and very few impediments to access the "free camping". Some of the problems linked to camping in areas not authorized for camping, in addition to the bad practices of irresponsible campers, include exposed human feces that become a source of contamination and infection, abandoned garbage, hundreds of abandoned campfires with burned garbage with the consequent danger of fires in dry seasons, and a social environment with excessive alcohol, drugs, loud music and shouting all night long.

Basura recolectada en “camping ilegales”. Bolsas rescatadas del bosque por el equipo del Camping La Junta, bajada por los Arrieros de Cochamó y llevada al basurero por Southern Trips y Mahuida Patagonia.

Today, with the tremendous help lead by the Organización Valle Cochamó and the sum of the work in the same line of campsites, neighbors, other organizations, community and responsible visitors, a Visitor Center was implemented to help ensure maintaining a max capacity in the valley. Since 2016 it's necessary to have a confirmed reservation in one of the campsites to enter the valley during the months of December through March. Each visitor must register at the Visitor Center and show the confirmed reservation in order to enter the trail at the established times. The result of these measures from 2016 until now has been very positive, with a significant decrease in the number of accidents, a decrease in garbage and abandoned campfires, and an increase in a family atmosphere and environmentally responsible nature lovers.

In this effort to consolidate a collaborative protected area, landowners and tour operators have done much work in their daily practices and facilities to conserve Cochamó's unique environment and natural resources.

Look at this article written by "Patagon Journal" in 2016 and speaks directly about the problems the valley was facing.

The Cochamó Valley is a collection of private properties where camping permits are required. Respect for the rules of the valley and good practices in wild and remote areas will allow access to remain open to all.

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