Hiking, Peaks and Climbing Guide in Cochamó

Jose Dattoli – owner of Trekka, professional guide and mountaineering instructor – has mastered most of the peaks in the region and is the one to choose for helping you achieve southern Chile’s most beautiful summits, including those in the Cochamó Valley. Apart from his accomplishments in his professional field, he has dedicated much of his own time volunteering building bridges, opening routes, trail work and helping the Cochamó Valley outdoor recreation grow in a sustainable manner.

One of Trekka’s specialty trips includes 4 days exploring the ancient alerce forests, granite walls and peaks of Cochamó Valley. This particular adventure costs CLP$380,000 per person and can have up to 4 people. The trip includes transportation, guide, insurance, breakfasts, dinners, on-the-march snacks, equipment and lodging.

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