by car: Driver-&-Vehicle Services to Cochamó

Hiring a private vehicle from Puerto Montt / Puerto Varas areas to Cochamó can be more pricey than taking the bus, but it comes with some important benefits:

Why choose a driver-&-vehicle service?

Your schedule. This transportation is based around your agenda. You don't have to worry about missing a bus, or getting a ticket.
Save time, a lot. Go from anywhere in the Puerto Montt / Varas area directly to Cochamó and get there faster.
Stop to buy supplies. Some of the services below even offer to stop to buy supplies.
Return trip can be arranged with the same service provider.
Support the local Cochamó community. All of the services listed below live or/and run their business in the Cochamó area.


  • Las Bandurrias Eco Hostal
    The Swiss-Chilean owners of this hostal offer private transport with stops to get supplies. Their vehicle can transport up to 4 people.
    Puerto Montt - Cochamó: CLP$80.000 or USD$123
    Puerto Varas - Cochamó: CLP$70.000 or USD$108
    Cochamó - La Junta trailhead: CLP$6.000 or USD$9
    +56 9 967 22 590
  • Leonel Delgado
    Leonel's Sprinter makes routine trips from town to the trailhead. Also does private trips to and from Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt and the airport. 
     +56 (9) 9665 6505 

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