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reserve: Camping La Junta
| about Camping La Junta | photos of Camping La Junta | CLOSED for Conavid-19 For those who wish to visit the valley, given the current situation, please cancel your trips and reservations. Postponing unnecessary travel is the best choice for the well-being of the community in general. Please read through this page and complete […]
What to do before you reserve in the Cochamó Valley
Reserve your place in the camping or lodging first, before your bus ticket, airline ticket, horse or guide. Availability in the valley most often fills.
Camprounds & Lodging in Cochamó Valley Close for Conavid-19
Bajos las circunstancias que estamos viviendo como país y a nivel mundial por el virus Conavid-19, los campings y alojamientos cierran en el Valle Cochamó.
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