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Please read the essential information and accept the policies below to continue.

Know Before You Go


Due to the national contingency due to Covid-19, we have considerably reduced the camping capacity. Remember to fill out the affidavit for travelers to prevent diseases with coronavirus requested at the following link:

Likewise, the continuity of the camping service and the entrance to the valley is subject to the epidemiological situation of the commune. Bear in mind that due to this the reservation may be canceled.

The camping works with a strict maximum capacity to help take care of its surroundings and installations (composting toliets, bio filters, solar showers, roofed areas, ect.).

Reserve well ahead of time. You must have a confirmed reservation in the camping during December, January, February and March. You can also opt to ensure your space for November and April. Outside these periods, and without a reservation, the camping works on a first-come-first-served basis.

Large groups. Many dates during the high season have been blocked for larger groups. If you have a large group and want to reserve in the camping, please email

No medical facilities. Each visitor is responsible for his or her safety. There is no rescue team nor emergency personel available. The closest hospital is in Puerto Varas. Serious injuries can result in death given the difficulty and time required to evacuate.

Prior hiking and trekking experience is essential. This valley is laiden with hazardous obstacles. Each season there are serious injuries mostly due to the lack of experience hiking or climbing. There are no easy or beginner trails. If this is your first time, or have minimal experience, doing multiday trekking over rough terrain, this valley may not be for you.

Expect rain and mud. 3000 mm of rain fall in this rainforest every year. Be prepared. During highseason you will not be able to change your reservation, or get a refund unless the trail is officially closed.

This trail is NOT public. If you plan to spend the night in La Junta and you don't have a reservation, or there is no availability, you may be stopped from continuing up the trail by personel working at the trailhead. To ensure your trip plans, reserve before arriving for stays in December, January, February and through to mid March.

Minors must be accomanied by a parent or legal guardian. Parents and family must understand that the valley is a very dangerous place to send unsupervised minors without realizing the risks of the rocky and isolated environment, lack of any medical services and history of severe accidents, above all in the waterfalls known as the Toboganes.

The trail closes at 3 p.m.. The trail opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 3 p.m. You will not be permitted to start the trail after 3 p.m. nor hike out from La Junta after 4 p.m. Please plan accordingly.

No garbage services. Visitors must carry their garbage out and help keep this pristine valley clean. Please recycle at the Visitor Center located at the trailhead.

No vehicle access. Acces to Refugio Cochamó is walking or horseback via an 11-kilometer trail that takes 4 to 6 hours to reach. The trail is not apt for bicycles.

No communication, nor cellphone coverage. Let others know where you'll be before arriving. Once there you will not be able to communicate with the outside world.

No electricity. Charge your devices before, or bring your solar charger.

Making Your Reservation

Reservations must be made no less than 10 days before your arrival. If your arrival is with in 10 days, you can still solicit a reservation. Your chances, however, epecially during the highseason, are much less given the time required to verify a reservation.

Confirming your reservation. Reservations are not confirmed until after completing the reservation form and receiving a confirmation.

If you're arriving by air to Puerto Montt, do NOT attempt to get to La Junta on the same day. Such an endevour needs tremendous coordination and luck. And due to the fact most don't make it, Camping La Junta does not permit soliciting reservations that attempt such an itinerary. It leads to a chain of unfortunate situations with reservations, horse guides, ground transportation and rangers in the Vistor Center. Please take this under consideration, and stay in Cochamó before heading into the valley.

Be patient. There are a lot of people during the high season soliciting reservations. An answer to confirm your reservation can take up a few days. Last-minute reservations may or may not be answered. La Junta is an isolated place in the mountains. They communicate via a data satellite connection - no telephone - and limited power supply via a river turbine. They connect a few times per week, thus there will likely be some delay between communications.

Designated camp sites. During the high season, sites will be designated to groups. Your site may or may not be located right next to your friends.


Payment required December through March before arriving. To confirm a reservation, you must pay in full for your entire stay from December through March. During this period, the reservation is not confirmed without receiving the payment in full.

Payments can be made via PayPal or via a local deposit / transfer to a Chilean bank account - no international transfers. Account information will be provided via email after completing the form.

Only cash in the valley. Have in mind, due to this isolated location, only cash is accepted. The last ATM to withdraw cash is in Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt.


Cancelations must be solicited no less than 10 days before your arrival date. Process fee will be 50 percent of the payment.

Cancelations solicited less than 10 days prior to the arrival date will incur a 100 percent loss of the payment.

In case of rain there are no refunds nor changes. You are entering a rainforest. Rain is normal factor to consider and prepare for your trip.

No Show: In case you do not arrive the date indicated on your reservation, the reservation will be cancelled and you loose 100% of your payment.


Changes to your reservation: Additional people who'd like to join your group should make an additional reservation. For any change, if its solicited 10 days or more prior to your arrival, and considering availability, Camping La Junta will do its best to accommodate you around your new desired dates.

New members to your group must make a seperate reservation request. They can not be added to existing reservation requests or confirmed reservations.


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