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horse reservations  horse reservations - Solicit only horses.

Read the following before you fill out the form:

  • Use this form ONLY for soliciting horses to and from Cochamó Valley's trailhead and La Junta (Refugio Cochamó, Camping La Junta, etc.). For other destinations by horse, see horse trails.
  • Be sure to have already arranged your accomodations in Cochamó Valley. If not, do this first.
  • Solicit your horses well ahead of time. Horses solicited at the last moment will likely not be confirmed.

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    Arranging Horses

  • If you indicate you need horses, an email will automatically be sent to the horse guides from Southern Trips. This does NOT confirm any horse reservation. YOU must follow up with the guides in order to arrange the details and logistics for your trip.
  • Arrange your horse needs with anticipation.
  • Check out the horseback or packhorses page for more info.

    pack horses.


    horses for riding.


    30,000 to 35,000 pesos (~USD$45 to $55).
    *Packhorses can carry up to 65 kilos. Prices are not set and can vary depending on your guide and his/her availability.


    30,000 to 35,000 pesos (~USD$45 to $55).
    *Prices are not set and can vary depending on your guide and his/her availability.

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