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Climbing Guide Nicolás Rivas

Rock Climbing Guide to Cochamó

Nicolás Rivas, an excellent, well-liked guide in Cochamó, has years of experience climbing in the area. Client’s know him as fun, professional and responsible, and works closely with locals to help organize trips and spends much of his time contributing back to community in Cochamó Valley. He can guide you up the best route suited for your level in Cochamó or other areas throughout Chile.

As many top climbers may spend their spare time updating and showing their latest ascents on Facebook, Nicolás – who has no Facebook nor other social media – contributes back to the community working with nonprofit organizations in the Cochamó Valley and teaches climbing to youth. He also works building climbing walls throughout Chile and Argentina, and organizing comps in Santiago, Chile.

Nicolás speaks fluently English and Spanish. Contact him via his email:


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Most visitors come to Cochamó to see and experience Cochamó Valley, or Valle Cochamó. There the Patagonian mountain range rises steeply up...

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