Climbing Guide Nicolás Rivas
A great climber, a great guide, a great person. Nico personal rock climbing guide to Cochamó
Guiding services focused on hiking, peaks and climbing in Cochamó
What is Cochamó?
Most visitors come to Cochamó to see and experience Cochamó Valley, or Valle Cochamó. There the Patagonian mountain range rises steeply up from both sides of the turquoise Cochamó River to form sheer granite walls and domes. Numerous waterfalls whisper through the 3000-year-old alerce trees and other native rain forest. In an open meadow next […]
Ranaut: Cochamó Climbing Guide / Partner
Andrea and Oscar - avid, passionate climbers and residents of Cochamó Valley - climb and guide each season on some of Cochamó's most classic gems. They bring with them impressive experience, many first ascents and achievements. They care deeply about the environment, the well-being of the valley and help with the search for the best […]
Southern Trips
Offer horseback & trekking guiding services. Caring for the community, environment and their horses.
Weather & Forecast
Forecasting the weather for your trip Patagonia weather is difficult to predict, and even any Internet forecast service can be erroneous. It's important to know, especially for this region, the further out a forecast predicts the more it plays with pure chance. These forecasts will vary almost always between sunny, partly cloudy, drizzle and rain. […]
Planning Your Climbing Trip
FAQ How much time should I spend climbing in Cochamó? Some stay months. Standard is two weeks to a month. The main question, however, is, how much time do you have? Minimum time to climb a big route in Cochamó is seven days. If the weather holds, you're well prepared, etc., you may get in […]
How to contact a Cochamó horse guide, solicit a packhorse & what you need to know
When to go
Find out here when to go. Don't go if you don't know. The valley's beauties are great to see and hike all season, but the season is limited.
Mahuida Patagonia
Guiding services for trekking, horseback & fishing in Cochamó
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