La Junta & Toboganes in a day

Visiting La Junta and the Toboganes in a day is an huge endeavor. First, in most cases, it is NOT recommended. You will be covering 24 kilometers, likely 10 plus hours for many, via a muddy, well-eroded, trail. It will feel rushed. And lastly, you'll only get to see a small amount of what Valle Cochamó has to offer at La Junta area.

Access to the Toboganes is free. Don't permit anyone to charge you. Denounce fraud.

If, nevertheless, you're still planning on doing it regardless the warnings, here are some important points, tips and suggestions for your hike.

  • No emergency nor rescue services.
  • No cell phone coverage.
  • There is no last-moment lodging nor places to buy food on the trail nor in La Junta.
  • Start no later than 10 a.m. Round trip generall takes 9 to 12 hours. The staff at the Centro de Visitantes will not permit you to pass after this time.
  • Don't pay for access. Anyone who may ask you to pay for access to rivers, lakes or beach is committing fraud. This has recently become an issue. Please report them. Access to anywhere in the valley is free. See Access in Valle Cochamó is Free for detailed info.
  • The Toboganes are extremely dangerous. Most of all serious accidents occur there.
  • If the forecast says rain, DON'T go. Rivers can surge when is rains and leave sections of the trail impassible.
  • Be prepared. Proper hiking footwear and outdoor clothing is essential.
  • Be in good physical shape. If you don't hike much, you should reconsider this one-day round-trip hike. Consider camping in La Junta.
  • Respect private property, fences and gates.
  • Parking. For information and options about where to park near the trailhead, see the Parking page.
For parking info and options, see the Parking page.

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