Know Before You Go

Cochamó Valley may NOT be for you.

Read the details about this area, its logistics, descriptions, climate, norms, the trail difficulty and the dangers of getting to and being in this isolated place.

  • Have both experience and fitness for the mountains. This rain forest can give even the most experienced a challenge. So as a minimum, you should have some experience backpacking and be in good shape with no underlying health conditions.

  • There are no medical nor first-aid facilities nor rescue services once you leave the trailhead. You are responsible for your safety.

  • There is no communication with the outside. No cell service, nor Internet in the valley. Camping La Junta does have VHF radio communication with Cochamó town for emergency use.

  • Be prepared against the elements. Rain, mud, cold and hunger are the top three.

1. First, reserve your camping or lodging.

 It's highly recommended to first make a reservation in the Cochamó Valley with plenty of anticipation. It's necessary to have a confirmed reservation to visit the valley. During the high season, the camping reaches its max capacity. 

2. Reserve your horse and guide.

If you wish to reserve a horse for riding or packing in your supplies, it's also necessary to confirm your horses with plenty of anticipation. Please, have your camping reserved before reserving a horse. If you need a guide for trekking or climbing, you will need to do this also with anticipation.

3. Don't reserve your flight and La Junta arrival for the same day.  

If you're arriving by air or long-distance buses to Puerto Montt, do NOT attempt to also arrive to La Junta on the same day. So many times, this difficult itinerary has lead to uncomfortable situations and circumstances that affect a chain of many different individuals and small businesses in the Cochamó community. Stay a night or two near the trailhead or in town before hiking into the valley.

Reserve @ Camping La Junta

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