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Discovering Cochamó Valley by Horseback

2 nights, 3 days for 231,000 pesos (~US$350) per person

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ranking:      ?
difficulty:   moderate
length:   minimum 3 days
highlights:   Gorgeous Yosemite-like river valley surrounded by waterfalls and 1000-meter granite walls


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Discover via horseback the wonderful Cochamó Valley - the Yosemite of South America - centered in the Andean mountains, 1000-meter granite walls and 3000-year-old alerce forest. Most visitors say this is the most beautiful place they have visited in the Lake District area and sometimes all of Chile. The guiding horse company Southern Trips will take care of all the logistics and details of your trip. "Anyone who hasn't been in the Chilean forests doesn't know this planet," Pablo Neruda. This trip itinerary is the shortest timetable offered, and we wouldn't recommend anything shorter.

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to La Junta's lodge


After an introduction on the ride and your horses, you'll leave Cochamó following the sea and the Cochamó River. After a couple hours, lunch at the Piedra River. The ride continues through the native Valdivian forest then arriving to the open pampa centered amongst the granite domes and snow-capped mountains of Cochamó's La Junta, the epicenter of the valley. Home-cooked dinner, hot shower and comfortable beds await at the lodge.



Explore Cochamó Valley


Surrounded by granite peaks and their tributaries, there's plenty to choose from to explore. After breakfast you can hike the many trails, visit nearby waterfalls and relax at the Refugio Cochamó. In the afternoon, your guide will take you to the water slides of La Junta. In the evening home-cooked dinner and sleep at a lodge in La Junta.





After breakfast, off to enjoy the return horse ride back down the valley. We'll follow the path through the native forest where you may observe chucaos and hummingbirds. Lunch at the Piedra River berfore arriving to Cochamó town.


More than a 150 years ago the firs gauchos helped carve this trail to bring their cattle from the Argentine farm lands to sell at the coastal Chilean slaughterhouse in Cochamó. During the decade that the meat company thrived, they maintained the trail with bridges, a telegraph that ran to El Bolson, Argentina, and kept it clear and wide enough to run an oxen-pulled cart. Since then the trail has seen huge erosion combined by livestock traffic and runoff. Only since the last decade has some has some more significant improvements. Today, the trail is stilled used by the local cowboys and tourists.

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Southern Trips also offers all-included 6-day excursions to or from Argentina (Paso El León) and a 7-day circuit. Click here for more information, their contact info and to make reservations. © 2008 - 2018