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Horses are an essential part of everyday life in this region. Locals and tourists alike need them for hauling cargo or riding into desolation wilderness. Whatever your horse need is, our aim is to help steer you toward guides who take very good care of and treat very well their well-fed horses and, furthermore, are themselves responsible guides.

Horseback in Cochamó

Equestrian travel is a great way to practice a fascinating sport and to interact with people from a different culture. A common love of the horse is very effective in forming bonds with locals.

The many different rides into or through the valley offer a variety of excellent riding experiences. To see the different options, go to the rides section.

Want to experience riding into the valley? Here are tips on what you shoulk know:

  • Reserve ahead of arrival. Since horses and their guides are limited, especially during high season, it's recommended to reserve horses in advance.
  • Listen and follow your guide. Even if you're an experienced rider, nobody knows their horses and the trail like the guides, so avoid inconveniences or even potential accidents to you or the horse by following the instructions of your guide.
  • 70 kilos max per packhorse. Your belongings can be carried on horses. Each packhorse holds up to 70 kilos divided into two even loads. Packhorses are generally organized into two larger evenly weighted loads (like big backpacks or bags) and one smaller yet lighter load that rests high and between the larger loads. If your larger loads are uneven, items must be moved around to balance them.
  • Care for delicate items. Items tend to get smashed on packhorses and even in saddle bags, so fragile items should be carried apart or well protected.
  • Choose responsibly. There are many horse guides in Cochamó. So, select carefully from those who have a reputation of caring well for their horses and working responsably as guides. Choosing only based on the lowest price may only support horses' inhumane treatment.

    Horse guides we recommend in Cochamó

    Southern Trips
    Specializing in horseback, packhorses and horse-trekking combos

    Cochamó locals Favian Sandoval, his sister Tatiana and father Pelluco run an excellent horse guiding, pack horse and hiking outfit through the Cochamó Valley. He and his team have earned their reputation as the best and most responsible local guides and trips. As family they work towards every detail through their multi-day excursions into some of Patagonia's best gems.


    Many visitors to Cochamó Valley prefer hiking but don't want to lug in the weight of camping, climbing or kayaking gear and choose to hire the services of pilcheros, or packhorses. Checkout the packhorses page in the guides, books & maps section for more info.

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