Getting to Valle Cochamó


Getting to Valle Cochamó

to Puerto Montt-Puerto Varas

Most travelers aim to get to Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt and continue from there on to Cochamó. Below are options to get to Puerto Varas-Puerto Montt area.

Flights. There are several flights a day from Santiago to Puerto Montt via LATAM airlines. You can also get flights from Punta Arenas (Torres del Paine) and Coyaique.

Buses from Santiago. Buses from Santiago leave in the afternoon or night and arrive early the next day. There are different classes of buses, some of which are quite confortable.

Buses from Bariloche, Argentina. Various Bariloche-Puerto Montt buses leave from early morning to early afternoon. There are no night buses. Buy your ticket in advance during the summer season.

Ferries from the south. If you’re arriving from the south – Torres del Paine, Coyaique or Chaitén, numerous ferrys go to Puerto Montt. Go to Navimag Ferries website for schedules and costs or call them at +56 (2) 442-3114.

Puerto Montt-Puerto Varas to Cochamó town and trailhead
Bus schedule from December through March.

Buses to Cochamó. From Puerto Montt there are four (less on Sundays and holidays) buses daily to the town of Cochamó or Cochamó-River bridge. The trip takes more than two hours. There is no bus schedule here because it changes too often to update its schedule here.

If the bus is full leaving Puerto Montt, it will NOT stop in Puerto Varas This is especially common during the busy traveling season of January and February. It’s recommended, therefore, to take the bus starting in Puerto Montt during these periods.

If catching the bus from Puerto Varas, it does NOT stop at the bus station. It passes through downtown. Ask locals exactly where.

Get off in town and catch a local shuttle or taxi to the trailhead. Don’t plan on arranging horses upon arriving. Do it ahead of time. See the horses info page. You can also opt to get off at the Cochamó-River bridge and walk or hitch the gravel road heading up river valley for 8 kilometers (1.5-hour-plus walk) to the trailhead, though, it’s recommended to save your energy for the hike in and take a Cochamó-trailhead shuttle.

Hiring a van. Hiring a van is especially good for larger groups, spending less time in the city and more in the mountains, climbers with lots of gear and those who want to travel more confortably. Since they can pick you up at your Puerto Varas/Montt hostal, airport or bus station and drive you straight to the trailhead, it’s the fastest and easiest way. Below a list of some of the local van services:

  • Cecilia Alvarado Rojas
    Cecilia’s minivan holds up to 5 passengers and primarily does trips to and from Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt, airport area and Cochamó.
    +56 (9) 9237-0475. English spoken.
  • Pedro Barrientos
    Pedro’s van and minibus hold 20 and 12 passengers, and make routine trips to and from Cochamó town and the trailhead. Also does private trips to and from Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt and the airport. 
    Phone: +56 (9) 8569-0420. Spanish spoken only. 
  • Leonel Delgado
    Leonel’s Sprinter makes routine trips from town to the trailhead. Also does private trips to and from Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt and the airport. 
    Phone: +56 (9) 9665 6505 
Getting to Cochamó town or trailhead from directly south

It’s also possible to get there from the south via the Carretera Austral that passes through Chaiten, Parque Pumalín, Horno Piren, Puelo and Cochamó. This way takes numerous connections via ferry and different bus companies. It’s only possible January and February when the ferry runs connecting Parque Pumalín to Horno Piren.

Lago Puelo, Argentina to Cochamó

This a great option either as a multi-day trek or a combination of boats and walking that connects Lago Puelo with Llanada Grande (Lago Azul). Public transportation frequents these two towns on each side of the border and will connect you to other destinations or Cochamó.