Access to rivers, waterfalls, lakes and climbing walls is free in Valle Cochamó

If an individual, owner, campsite or anyone tries to charge you for accessing a river, waterfall, glacier, climbing wall or other place of interest, do not pay. The only places in the valley where payment may be required are campsites and lodging.

Multiple visitors have complained via reviews this 2019-2020 season on Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor about being charged access by the administrators from Camping Los Toboganes / Trawen located in the valley.

Access to the La Junta's Toboganes, Pared Seca, Paloma's glacier trail, Trinidad's lagoon, Anfiteatro, Arco Iris Peak, and other established hiking trails is free according to Chilean law. This right is protected under the article 13 del Decreto Ley N° 1.939, de 1977. See Acceso Playas Ríos y Lagos from the Biblioteca del Congreso at,-rios-y-lagos.

The nonprofit organization Organización Valle Cochamó works hard so that Valle Cochamó is consolidated as a collaborative protected area. It is financed by voluntary donations. The Centro de Visitantes, or Visitor Center located at the trailhead is administrated by this organization.

What can you do do help stop being charged illegally for access?

Acceso to the Toboganes is free. Under no circumstance should you pay. Foto: Pedro Andrés Benegas
  • Don't pay.
  • When possible, film the encounter.
  • Take note if they have receipts stamped by SII. Chilean law requires them for all transactions.
  • Get names, including managers, owners and the individuals charging.
  • Write a review on Google Reviews, TripAdvisor and Facebook for the entity trying to charge.
  • File a complaint via the government branch Bienes Nacionales:
  • Inform the Organización Valle Cochamó: Email

Help support and maintain free access to the rivers, waterfalls, lakes, glaciers and trails in the valley.

Free access does not give you the right to camp on beaches, next to rivers and lakes, nor private property without permission. Furthermore, it is prohibited to make fires outside of the areas designated for camping. Please respect the guidelines of the valley, use established trails and help minimize our impact on the environment.

Thanks for helping to protect Cochamó Valley.

Organización Valle Cochamó
Asociación Gremial de Turismo y Cultura Cochamó Patagonia Chile A. G.
Ante Lemu (Cochamó's local indigenous community)
Agrupación Arrieros Valle Cochamó
Puelo Patagonia
Friends of Cochamó
Municipalidad de Cochamó
Acceso PanAm

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