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food in and around Cochamó  food in and around Cochamó

Other need-to-knows about eating & supplies in Cochamó Valley

Food & Supplies outside of Cochamó Valley. Basic provisions are NOT sold once in the valley. The closest place to buy supplies is in the town of Cochamó. The town provides basic necessities at a few small stores. You can find a larger choice, specific items and other supplies in the cities of Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas.

Water. When hiking, water is abundant from the many streams. Filtering your own water is more and more common as the popularity of the valley grows. Many, however, drink water directly that comes from Río La Junta or other smaller rivers that are principally fed by snow melt. Use your own discretion.

Refugio Cochamó - Valle Cochamó

* Refugio Cochamó has changed its dinner menu slightly because of high-demand and limited supplies available. They offer a couple of options from their home-made meals. Please keep in mind, supplies are limited and restocking takes many days, thus these services are only provided to guests staying in the Refugio Cochamó.

Pizzas & other home-made meals. One of the house's specialties is their famous oven baked pizzas or a one-pot vegetarian dinner option. Depending on the time of year and supply, some of their organic vegatables come straight out of their green house.

Whole-wheat & white bread. Baked fresh nearly every day, they offer real organic whole wheat and white bread. Authentic whole wheat bread is difficult to find in Chile's south. The owners get their whole-wheat flour straight from the farm lands of Bolson, Argentina, just over the Andes from the Refugio Cochamó.

Breakfast. Is NOT included as a part of your accomodation in Refugio Cochamó. Breakfast costs 4,000 pesos and consists of homemade bread, jams, butter, teas, hot choclate and brewed coffee - no powdered coffee.

From the Earth outside to the front door. The staff from the Refugio Cochamó try their best to produce their own. They get organic vegetables from their garden and greenhouse, eggs from local chickens and, on New Year's Eve, a lamb from their neighbor. It a minimal supply source, especially pre-January, but a goal they continue to work on. The local cowboys bring up the rest atop packhorses.

Meat. Apart from pizzas and sandwiches with salami, Refugio Cochamó does not sell meat. If you'd like to have roasted lamb or barbeque some meat, Cochamó town is a great option BUT the area of La Junta and Refugio Cochamó is not. Preserving meat from the place of purchase to La Junta or Refugio Cochamó, without refrigeration until the moment it's cooked, will likely render rotting meat. The Refugio does not have refrigeration.

Snacks & Lunches. Lunches are not provided at the Refugio Cochamó. It's highly recommended to buy plenty of snack food and bring your lunches. The hike in and day hikes require lots of energy and your body will appreciate the extra fuel.

Cooking it yourself. Guests at the Refugio Cochamó have their own kitchen, gas stove, pots, pans and utensils for making their own meals. For best selection of food, shop in the supermarkets in Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt.

*Alcoholic beverages: Refugio Cochamó is not permited to sell any type of alcoholic beverage. If you want a drink, please bring your own.

Coffee House Cochamó

In this wonderful cafe with WiFi, you'll find a variety of healthy and yummy options: a selection of filtered coffees, natural juices, hot chocolate, pasteries, pannini and more. This local family carries generations in the town and maintain a life style close to their inherrited traditions. Much of their menu inludes organic productts grown or raised just outside their door.
- local wool woven crafts
- vegetales straight from their garden
- fresh eggs from their chickens


Located on the main road 500 meters west of the police station in Pueblo Hundido map


+56 (9) 9919-8947
+56 (9) 9919-8947
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