¿Qué es y qué hacer en Cochamó?

Muchos de los visitantes a Cochamó llegan para conocer y disfrutar el Valle Cochamó. Allí, se alzan imponentes los cerros de granito en ambos lados del zigzagueante y cristalino Río Cochamó que va alimentándose de muchos afluentes, uno de ellos el Río La Junta que le da su nombre al sector más popular del valle. Múltiples cascadas se asoman entre el bosque nativo que alberga los antiguos alerces de hasta 3.000 años. En una verde pampa que se abre entre el bosque resaltan coloridas carpas, los techos de los fogones y los amantes de la naturaleza que admiran uno de los más bellos paisajes que han visto. 

With no roads and only trails penetrating the valley, Cochamó Valley has become a trekker's paradise, climber's mecca and nature-lover's haven with no park fees, no cars and surrounded by granite walls, waterfalls and undisturbed native forest. It's a place to escape the traffic-ridden roads and enter an area of enormous natural beauty. 

¿Qué Es? ¿Paraíso o Infierno?

This paradise can quickly transform into hell for some because of rainy weather, high physical demand, lack of experience, inadequate equipment and/or other unforeseen factors. Cochamó Valley requires extensive logistical preparation and being in good shape to ensure an enjoyable trip. 

What To Expect When Visiting Cochamó Valley was written by first'time vistor and the article reflects well the experience one can expect.

Qué hacer en Cochamó

The valley offers many outdoor activities. Some of the most common are trekking, the climbing, birdwatching, photography, swimming in the Cochamó River or just enjoying the beach and the surrounding views.

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Cochamó Valley is located in southern Chile, east of Puerto Montt city, west of the Argentinean border and Bariloche, in the heart of the Patagonian Andes. For detailed maps and directions on how to get there, see the Getting There.

Check out the options for Lodging in Cochamó in the general region. La Junta of Cochamó Valley is the main destination for most visitors to the area. La Junta offers Cochamó Valley's Camping La Junta and one bed and breakfast the Refugio Cochamó.

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