Do you need horses to carry your cargo or to carry you?

There are various professionals that you can hire to assist with your trip into Cochamó Valley.

What to know & do before you go

Reserve your stay well in advance. Availability of horses and guides is limited during the season. Advance reservations are required. Having a horse ready to take you or your load requires time-consuming logistics; they must be shod, rested, fed, saddled and transported to the trailhead.

Reserve your place in La Junta. It is necessary to have a reservation in the La Junta sector to confirm the horse(s). If you do not have a reservation in the La Junta sector you will not be able to enter the trail. First reserve your campsite.

Choose healthy horses. Choose responsibly. It's up to you to create a demand for healthy, well-fed horses. Look for guides who have a good reputation for treating their horses well. If you choose based solely on the lowest price you may be encouraging abuse, overwork and malnutrition of the animals.

65 kilos max. Each packhorse can carry up to 65 kilos maximum. This weight is divided into two bundles. These two bundles, which must have the same weight and more or less the same volume, are tied one on each side of the horse's back and are exposed to friction with rocks, trees and the rattling of the horse itself. Therefore, they should not contain anything fragile. If your loads is not balanced, the guide will have to disassemble and reassemble it.

All horses are accompanies by guides. Do not leave your backpacks at the beginning of the trail and start walking without first meeting your guide. Talk to the guide to make sure your load meets the carrying requirements. Also make sure you know his or her name and approximate time of arrival at your campsite. Be sure the guide knows your name and the campsite to which he or she should take the load.

Access to the trail closes at 3 p.m. If you booked a packhorse, keep in mind that you will need time to talk to your guide, see the horses and reassemble your equipment if it does not meet the weight and volume requirements. Most packhorses leave in the morning to allow time to return to town later in the day.

Request a packhorse

Cost per packhorse: $35,000 CLP

    Pilcheros, caballos para llevar carga o mochilas en el Valle Cochamó, Chile.
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