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Camping La Junta

A campground built by and for families, nature lovers, climbers and hikers.
Camping La Junta Cochamó Chile

Recreational Epicenter

Camping La Junta se ubica centrado en el epicentro del Valle Cochamó, rodeado de senderos de trekking, paredes de granito para escalar, cascadas y bosque antiguo.
• 5 minutes to the Toboganes waterfalls.
• Trails ‒ such as Arco Iris, Trinidad, Anfiteatero and Paloma ‒ begin in La Junta where Camping La Junta is located.

Instalations For Minimizing Your Impact

Camping La Junta advocates responsible and sustainable tourism over time. Its efforts to minimize its impact on the environment include:
• A low and strict max capacity,
Several hecters to spread out campsites across a green meadow or under trees.
• Ecological composting toliets (x6),
• Roofed shelters with firepits 2 roofed shelters with fire pits, tables and benches.
• Information boardwith maps, hike descriptions and climbing info.
• 3 sinks for washing dishes & 2 showers (cold water) that use biofilter gray water drainage,
• Policy to manage and take out your garbage, recycling and micro trash.
Camp in La Junta of Cochamó Valley, Chile
Prices at Camping La Junta Cochamó

Prices & Dates

Open Sept. 15 through May 15. You can reserve your starting Sept. 1 by clicking the "Reserve" button up and right.
Prices are per person per night. Children under 10 are free.


December through March
$8,000 pesos  ~USD$9
Sept., Oct., Nov., April, May
$7,000 pesos  ~USD$8

Long Stays

Climber discounts are applied for long-term 10+, 15+ or 30+ consecutive night stays.
December through March
10+ noches
$7,500 pesos
December through March
15+ noches
$7,000 pesos
December through March
30+ noches
$6,000 pesos


Discounts apply for members of the Organización Valle Cochamó or Puelo Patagonia.
December through March
$6,000 pesos

* Los precios incluyen IVA.
** Precios sujetos a cambios sin previo aviso.

The prices published below change on Oct. 31. As of Nov. 1, each fare will increase by 1,000 pesos.

Food & Provisions

Be sure to bring all of your own food and supplies. The last place to buy anything is in Cochamó town. You may find the occasional bread or other basics for sale in January and February, but its best not to count on this.
Food in La Junta and other campgrounds
Conscious camping in Cochamó Valley

Conscious Camping

→ We are many in Cochamó Valley, especially during the high season. It's important to take steps to minimize our impact. Help us care for our home and its surroundings. Check out the video The Impact Tourism Has In Cochamó Valley.
→  Fires are prohibited for the most part in La Junta, with the exception of very rainy days or off-peak season when fire hazards are minimal. Always ask the campground manager before making a campfire and only in established fire rings.
→ Using composting toilets ‒ over pits, flush toilets or going in the woods ‒ assures that human waist doesn't come in contact with the soil or water. The campground's toliets are designed to separate urine, dry out and compost human waste in a way that has minimal contamination towards the environment. Don't use wet wipes (plastic). These do not biodegrade.
carpas Valle Cochamócarpas Valle Cochamó
→ Pack it in. Pack it out. And recycle. Don't leave anything. Even if you think it may serve someone else, it more often turns into trash. Leave nothing except your foot prints. Separate your trash and recycling at your tent, pack it out and place it in the appropriate bins at the trailhead's Visitor Center.
carpas Valle Cochamó
Plastic tarps and wet wipes. ¡¡No!! This has become one of Cochamó's worst trademarks. Backpackers use plastic tarps one time and throw it away. The world already is overloaded with plastic. Just don't buy it. If you need a tarp, get a good quality tarp and reuse it. Learn more about the harm wet wipes cause towards the environment at GreenPeace.org.
carpas Valle Cochamó
Use biodegradable soaps, shampoo. When possible, avoid using soaps. They saturate the biofilters and contaminates the water table. Also, showers have more impact on the environment than sinks. Minimize your bathing needs and time in the shower. Please, never use soaps in rivers or lakes.
carpas Valle Cochamó
carpas Valle Cochamó
→ Respect your neighbors. Camping La Junta attracts many families with children and serious outdoor adventurers. Many here come to get up early and achieve a big hike or climb. If you stay up late, please do it in a quiet respectful manner. If your main focus is to party, this camping is not a good choice.
→ Dogs are not allowed.
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