If you have an emergency, contact the Cochamó police, or Carabineros of Cochamó.

Cochamó Police (Carabineros de Cochamó)

+56 65 2765136, +56 65 765280, +56 65 218268

General Visitor Questions

For general information for visiting the Cochamó area, you can contact the municipality tourist office in Cochamó or Sernatur (National Tourism Service):


"Those in charge of promoting and disseminating the development of tourism in Chile."

+56 9 9458 0453
600 600 60 66

Turismo Comuna Cochamó

+56 65 256 2551

Cochamó Valley

Reserve before you visit the valley.

Camping La Junta - Reservations

Refugio Cochamó


Communication in Cochamó Valley

There is no communication once in the valley. You will not be able to communicate into or out of the valley. There is no cell phone signal, power nor telephone lines.

* If you plan to visit the valley, t's important to inform others that you will be unreachable once in the valley.

Lodging in Cochamó town


Buses between Puerto Montt - Cochamó:

Buses Puelo

Buses Buses Estuario de Reloncavi


If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions or wish to add content to the site, you can contact This contact is not for inquiries about visiting the region.

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