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  1. My name is Shawn. Lookin to climb in mid December but have no partner. Anyone need a partner? Can get most 11s and lead up to 10+. Got a full rack and half and one 70m rope.

  2. Hola,

    My name’s Ben, from Seattle, and I’ll be in the Cochamo valley Dec 26-Jan17 and don’t have a partner yet. I climb 11-ish, been dabbling with 12-‘s. Will have a 70m rope and tag line and a full free climbing rack. I’ll be staying in a green pyramid in La Junta, come say hi! Feel free to email me at


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Escalada en Cochamó

mapa: El circuito de los escaladores

El circuito estándar de los escaladores viajeros es Cochamó, la zona de Bariloche (Frey, etc), La Comarca (alrededor de Bolsón) y Piedra...

El Condor Pasa 5.13d 700 m


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Escalada en Cochamó