Coming to Bat for Cochamó

© Drew Smith
© Drew Smith

What can I say about Cochamó that hasn’t already been said of a thousand other places before? It’s beautiful, it’s magical, it’s special?

How about this: We haven’t messed it up yet.

There are lots of beautiful, magical, special places in the world. What we humans tend to do when we find one is exploit it for its resources. If it has trees, then timber. Rocks, then minerals. Rivers, hydroelectric power. If the place is so incredible that we can’t fathom desecrating it by means of industry, then we call it a park, and mess it up in other ways. Gift shops, tour buses, smog-coughing cars and other horrors. You know, all the things Ed Abbey railed about: industrial tourism.

““It won’t be long before people speak of it (Cochamó) in the same breath as places like Torres del Paine and Patagonian national parks.”

Cochamó is still protected against all that. There are no roads, cars, street lamps or power lines. Rivers still

Read more of this article at Patagonia’s website.


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