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A great climber, a great guide, a great person. Nico personal rock climbing guide to Cochamó
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Cochamó's Climbing
Thousand meter granite walls border the valley along the Cochamó River. If you're into mainly long routes, establishing new routes or just hanging in a gorgeous landscape, Cochamó is one of South America's best.
Upper Granite Valleys
Over the past few years, an increasing number of people camping in the upper portions of Anfiteatro, Trinidad, Paloma and Arco Iris has had dramatic impacts on the fragile ecosystems
Ranaut: Cochamó Climbing Guide / Partner
Andrea and Oscar - avid, passionate climbers and residents of Cochamó Valley - climb and guide each season on some of Cochamó's most classic gems. They bring with them impressive experience, many first ascents and achievements. They care deeply about the environment, the well-being of the valley and help with the search for the best […]
Climbing Walls Map
Climbing Areas Map (1 of 2)The first map helps to orient the main zones of climbing. La Junta (in the center), Arco Iris, Valle La Junta, La Paloma, Trinidad, Monstruo y Anfiteatro. Walls Map (2 of 2)Zoom in on the detail that represents walls to see the wall's name. | Topos & Routes Info |
map: Climber's Climbing Cicuit
The most common circuit is Cochamó, Bariloche area (like Frey), La Comarca (around Bolsón) and Piedra Parada. And for those who stay most of the summer months will include destinations such as Chaltén, Valle los Condores and Arenales, too. = primarily cragging or sport climbing destination = primarily multipitch / bigwall destination = Cochamó
Planning Your Climbing Trip
FAQ How much time should I spend climbing in Cochamó? Some stay months. Standard is two weeks to a month. The main question, however, is, how much time do you have? Minimum time to climb a big route in Cochamó is seven days. If the weather holds, you're well prepared, etc., you may get in […]
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