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General information for Cochamó, Chile

Camprounds & Lodging in Cochamó Valley Close for Conavid-19

Bajos las circunstancias que estamos viviendo como país y a nivel mundial por el virus Conavid-19, los campings y alojamientos cierran en el Valle Cochamó.

Trail information in the Cochamó area

Access to rivers, waterfalls, lakes and climbing walls is free in...

If an individual, owner, campsite or anyone tries to charge you for accessing a river, waterfall, glacier, climbing wall or other place...

La Junta & Toboganes in a day

Visiting La Junta and the Toboganes in a day is an huge endeavor. First, in most cases, it is NOT recommended. You...

map: Cochamó Valley

This most accurate and up-to-date map of Cochamó Valley you will find anywhere.

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