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General logistics for Cochamó, Chile

What is Cochamó?

Most visitors come to Cochamó to see and experience Cochamó Valley, or Valle Cochamó. There the Patagonian mountain range rises steeply up...

Weather & Forecast

Cochamó-related maps.. Orienting yourself visually in Patagonia.

map: Cochamó Valley

This most accurate and up-to-date map of Cochamó Valley you will find anywhere.

Climbing Walls Map

Climbing Areas Map (1 of 2)The first map helps to orient the main zones of climbing. La Junta (in the center), Arco...

map: Climber’s Climbing Cicuit

The most common circuit is Cochamó, Bariloche area (like Frey), La Comarca (around Bolsón) and Piedra Parada. And for those who stay...

Getting to Cochamó via air, bus, vehicle and ferry.