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Camping La Junta

Climber, Trekker and Family Campground

CLOSED for Conavid-19

For those who wish to visit the valley, given the current situation, please cancel your trips and reservations. Postponing unnecessary travel is the best choice for the well-being of the community in general.

Surrounded by granite walls, waterfalls and old forest, you can camp at the valley’s epicenter located near an old refugio along a grassy stretch of open pampa along the Cochamó River. Camping La Junta makes the ideal base for climbing and trekking in the valley. The camping includes running water, solar showers and composting toliets.

For being in such an isolated location in the mountains, Camping La Junta prides themselves as a very clean and environmentally friendly campground. Wash your dishes in one of several sinks that drain through bio filters, specially lined rock pits and plants known for their properties in filtering out contaminants. Feces will not come in contact with earth until it is fully composted, removing 99 percent of harmful bacterias, thus avoiding contaminating ground and river water.

Prices 2019-2020

High Season Mid SeasonLow Season
Jan. 1 to Feb. 28Dec. 1 to Jan. 14,
March 1 to March 31
Sept. 1 to Nov. 30,
April 1 until closing
6,000 pesos
5,000 pesos
4,000 pesos
Prices are per person per night.
* Climber discounts are provided for long-term (15+ and 30+ days) See these when making a reservation.
** Prices are subject to change.


Composting dry toliet.
  • 2 roofed shelters with fire pits, tables and benches.
  • Showers (solar warmed water, no hot water).
  • 3 large sinks for washing dishes.
  • 6 composting toliets, cleaned several times daily.
  • 1 sink dedicated for only washing clothing.
  • Information board with maps, hike descriptions and climbing info.
  • Campsites spread out on several hectors of open meadow and trees.
Showers and sink for hand-washing clothing.
1 of 2 roofed areas.
1 of 4 dish washing sinks.
Another roofed area.

Food and other Provisions

Be sure to bring all of your own food and supplies. The last place to buy anything is in the town of Cochamó.

Buying food in La Junta: In January and February you may find the occasional bread for sale, but its best not to count on this.

Conscious Camping

We are many in the Valle Cochamó, especially during the high season. Understand and be aware of this and the impact you and all have on the environment.

Use composting toilets over pits, flush toilets or going in the woods. They are designed to seperate urine, dry out and compost human waste in a way that has minimal contamination towards the environment. Don’t, especially, use wet wipes (plastic). These do not biodegrade.

Pack it in. Pack it out. And recycle. Don’t leave anything. Even if you think it may serve someone else, it more often turns into trash. Leave nothing except your foot print. Separate your trash and recycling at your tent, pack it out and place it in the appropriate bins at the trailhead’s Visitor Center.

Plastic tarps. NO!! This has become one of Cochamó’s worst trademarks. Backpackers use plastic tarps one time and throw it away. The world already is overloaded with plastic. Just don’t buy it. If you need a tarp, get a good quality tarp and reuse it.

Use biodegradable soaps, shampoo. Showers have more impact on the environment than sinks. Minimize your bathing needs and time in the shower.

Respect your neighbors. Many here come to get up early and achieve a big hike or climb. If you stay up late, please do it in a quiet respectful manner. If your main focus is to party, this is not a good choice.


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