by bus: Puerto Montt / Varas - Cochamó

Sometimes knowing the exact schedule of the Cochamó buses can be a challenge. They go through constant changes.

The images below are the last known schedules. Click on the image or the link below them to see the bus company's Facebook and latest info.

From Puerto Montt there are generally four (less on Sundays and holidays) buses daily to the town of Cochamó or Cochamó-River bridge. More may run during the high season. Buses designated for Puelo, Río Puelo or Lago Tagua Tagua pass through Cochamó. The trip to Cochamó takes two plus hours.

Catching the bus from Puerto Varas

If you want to catch the bus in Puerto Varas, here are two important points you should know:

  • If catching the bus from Puerto Varas, it does NOT stop at the bus station. It passes through downtown. Ask locals exactly where.
  • If the bus is full leaving Puerto Montt, it will NOT stop in Puerto Varas. This is especially common during the busy traveling season of January and February, and other popular holidays. It's recommended, therefore, to take the bus starting in Puerto Montt during these periods.

Further South from Cochamó

Lago Tagua Tagua, Llanada Grande, Primer Corral, Caleta Puelche, ...

This schedule is from the 2018-2019 season. No recent information has been made available.

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