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What is Cochamó?  What is Cochamó?

What is Cochamó Valley?

Most visitors come to Cochamó to see and experience Valle Cochamó, or Cochamó Valley. There the Patagonian mountain range rises steeply up from both sides of the turquoise Cochamó River to form sheer granite walls and domes. Numerous waterfalls whisper through the 3000-year-old alerce trees and other native rain forest. In an open meadow next to the river, colorful tents, a thatched barbeque area and the newly built bed and breakfast, the Refugio Cochamó, shelters nature lovers and explorers that gather to admire one of the world's most amazing natural wonders. See for your own eyes Cochamó and view the photo & video gallery.

What To Expect When Visiting Cochamó Valley was written by a first-time visitor and lays out well what any traveler may wonder about the valley, the trip and the accomodation there. Also, check out the message board to view posts by others.

Why go to Cochamó Valley?

With no roads and only trails penetrating the valley, Cochamó Valley has become a trekker's paradise, climber's mecca and nature-lover's haven with no park fees, no cars and surrounded by granite walls, waterfalls and undisturbed native forest. It's a place to escape the beaten path and enter an area of enormous natural beauty. The valley is filled with outdoor activities - trekking, climbing, caving, sliding down waterfalls, swimming, hiking, tubing or just bathing on the beach.

Where is Cochamó Valley?

Cochamó Valley is located in southern Chile, east of Puerto Montt city, west of the Argeninean border and Bariloche, in the heart of the Patagonian Andes. For detailed directions on how to get there, see the getting there page.

When is the best time to go?

The season starts in November and lasts into April. The sunniest and dryest time is from mid-January through March. Click when to go for more details.

Where can I stay?

You can stay in the bed and breakfast, Refugio Cochamó, or camp in just nearby at the Camping La Junta campground. Check out the lodging or camping page for more details. © 2008 - 2018