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Important Points to Know

Take the following into consideration when planning your trip to Cochamó Valley:

Cochamó Valley splits 1000-meter granite cliffs in southern Chile's Patagonia region.

  • No Vehicle Access. There is no vehicle access to the center of Cochamó Valley, only to the trailhead. You must hike or ride a horse from there. The fact no road penetrates the valley makes this its most appealing trait, maintaining its serenity and beauty.
  • Public Transportion. Yes, there's both public transport and vehicles for hire to take you to the trailhead. Check out the public transportation page.
  • Preparation. Plan and prepare well, especially for the hike. Read through the where & when menu carefully and the hiking prep tips in the trekking section.
  • Register at the trailhead before starting your hike.
  • Trail opens to the public at 8 a.m. and closes at 3 p.m. You will not allowed to continue up the trail after this hour.
  • Arrange horses ahead of time if you plan to have supplies carried in or want to ride in. Availability varies. Check out the packhorses section and the horseback section for more info.
  • The trail is not to be taken lighly. Some level of experience and fitness is recommended. Plan accordingly and read the logistics to the trail, trail description and see the trail photos.
  • Guiding services. If you need more help, check out our guiding services section for more information about recommended and profesional guides.

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